The Diary of Our Actifry Adventure

Prices updated - Sunday 22nd September 2019

Is it good or just a glorified chip pan?

I have finally given up and purchased an ActiFry. I have been keenly looking at these for a while but to be honest the price was putting me off a little bit. It seemed quite a lot to pay for an elaborate chip pan. However over Easter weekend, when we stayed with friends, my mind was changed and I decided to bite the bullet. Our friends have an ActiFry, the food was quick to cook, delicious and of course cooked with little or no oil at all. My friend cooked chicken for the children the night we arrived, quickly and with delicious results. She also told me she did all manner of other meals including sweet and sour chicken, one of my favourites!

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Cooking is something I’ve always enjoyed. Before the children came along I would spend hours making things, rarely following a recipe and enjoying the results. I loved having dinner parties or just pottering in the kitchen making a meal for my husband and I to enjoy with a nice bottle of wine. These days however mealtimes are usually fraught, the children aged 11 and 7 are now getting to an age they’re more likely to enjoy the same food as us but we’re still not there yet and I often find I cook two meals, or make food which I find slightly dull.

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As a family we do try and eat healthy, but with a busy family life, both of us working and the plethora of meetings, sports, social engagements we dash in and out, grabbing food less as a family than we’ve ever done before, and I’m told it will only get worse as the kids hit  teenage years as well! The rigors of family life in the Twenty Tens!

The additional factor to buying the ActiFry is about weight loss, well I certainly hope it is! I am currently on the 5/2 eating plan or FAST diet!  I don’t like to call it a diet as I don’t think it is, but I do enjoy the fact it works and I am losing weight. What I tend to do on a FAST day is provide my family with one meal and have a low cal alternative. This is often a supermarket meal which claims to be 375 calories or less. The problem however is I’m not cooking something fresh and we all then tend to eat something different. My plan with the ActiFry is to try and cook low fat delicious family meals which we can all eat and I can include in my ‘FAST’ eating plan.

I can’t wait for my ActiFry to arrive.