Teriyaki Chicken – so quick and tasty!

Prices updated - Sunday 22nd September 2019


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Whilst doing my week shop this week I spotted a rather nice Teriyaki Chicken recipe on the Tesco’s website which I thought I’d have a go at reproducing in the Actifry.
The family enjoyed it and it was quick and easy to prepare,


Teriyaki Chicken<

(TAS= Tefal Actifry Spoon)

3TAS Dark soy sauce

3TAS Sherry, (dry if you have it)

1 ½ TAS Brown sugar

500g Chicken Thigh – cut into large evenly sized pieces

1 carrot Julian sliced

1 packet baby corn (175g)approx

1 packet sugar snap peas (180g)approx

Spring onions shredded

2T sesame seeds toasted


In a separate saucepan

  1. Heat soy sauce sherry sugar and 2 TAS water stirring until fully dissolved let mixture cool


  1. Using half of the sauce, marinade the chicken for at least ½ hour in fridge. ( longer if you want more infused flavours)


In the Actifry

  1. Place  chicken pieces into the Actifry a little bit of the marinade may be added but don’t use too much at this stage, the chicken needs to brown nicely.
    Cook Chicken for 8 -10 minutes (this may differ depending on the size of your chicken pieces – always check the meat is cooked through with no pink meat)


  1. Meanwhile as chicken is cooking, slice carrots into Julian strips. On the hob steam the carrots with sweet corn and sugar snaps for 5 minutes or until tender. These will be finished off in the Actifry so don’t overcook!


  1. When the chicken is cooked, add the vegetables to the Actifry and some more of the remaining marinade. Using a wooden spoon, mix the marinade into the vegetables and chicken to coat well.


  1. Finally set the Actifry for a quick two minutes to mix the two together and warm completely through. Check the food is pipping hot before serving


  1. Toss the vegetables with some toasted sesame and shredded spring onions and serve with some fluffy rice