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Prices updated – Sunday 17th November 2019

Please share with us your experiences with the Tefal Actifry. We would love to hear your comments and reviews of the product and also your experiences with the retailers who may have supplied you or you may have contacted.

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  1. Gayle says:

    Hi, have bought a tefal actifry model number Al806040.the lid does not clip down. Is this normal? Thanks.

  2. Joanna Bowe says:

    Bought my Actifry in March went to use 4 days ago and its not working??

  3. Kelly says:

    I have an actifry and I love it but I used it two days ago and halfway through the time it started beeping and on the display it says er can you tell me what this could be.

  4. Sylvia says:

    404 Not Found
    Hi, i have owned the Actifry for 3 years. Great at first.Paddle kept lifting the lid and clicking. Have replaced 3 times.Stains easily. Actifry need to up there game “expensive”These issues are never mentioned in demonstrations or replacement parts.

  5. Steve says:

    Had my Actifry for about 3 years and only use it every other week or less. Took lid off to wash it and the plastic hinge has broken off.
    Anyone else had this problem and where is the cheapest place to get a replacement?

  6. Taylor says:

    Why does my actifry beep loudly during cooking

  7. Dave says:

    What is the point in having a timer if it just carries on cooking doesn’t make any sense

  8. Lucy says:

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    Hi, same issue as below, just purchased and used it but now there’s a gap under lid- normal?
    Also, does the actifry use less energy in 30 minutes compared to an electric oven being on for 30 minutes?


  9. steve says:

    Just bought the Actifry. Is the lid supposed to click tight? The lid is closed, but it’s not sealed. If i push down on it, there is play. Is lid supposed to fit airtight?

  10. Lynne says:

    I have bought a new actifry and there is a gap where the glass on the lid clips on and can see into the actifry from around this which to me looks like it should be fitted more securely.

  11. Nicola says:

    Took my actifry apart to clean now I have a gap that I can see though. I and a lot of play in the lid . Is this nornal

  12. monica says:

    Can I bake a cake in Actifry Express? How? Thank you

  13. Lesley Jackson says:

    Hi can you tell me why my actifry breaks up my chips whilst cooking. I use King Edward potatoes, leave the, to dry come,evelyn and use one spoon of oil as advised. Many thanks Lesley Jackson

  14. Elizabeth Fozi says:

    I have bought and been using my actifry for 11 months now, very happy apart from the see-through lid has cracks all over it, always use sponge and warm water when washing, so is it heat when on that causes this? has anyone experienced similar problem?

  15. Jackie says:

    When my paddle tries to turn round its making a clicking noise why?

  16. sarah says:

    My timer is not coming on at all i only bought this product yesterday?????

  17. Liz says:

    My paddle for my family actifry isn’t goung round completely why is this ?

  18. Hi Janine, here is a list of all the paddles available from Amazon

  19. Janine says:

    My paddle that turns in my actifry is broken. Can found a replace part

  20. Nicola powis says:

    Hi, My Actifry is about 6 months old and has stopped rotating the food. It is very clean and the removable part is washed every time it is used. Should I take this back to argos? Thanks

  21. joanna milligan says:

    my potatoes are still hard after 30 mins it heats and and rotates

  22. Angela says:

    Why is my paddle on my actifry only half turning

  23. Gay coles says:

    My Actifry is 8 mths old why is the food sticking to the paddle

  24. Pauline Curwell-Parry says:

    Just used my actifry for the 1st time and taken it apart to clean, now the lid doesn’t seem to fit properly there is quite a gap all round and a lot of play in the between the pan and lid is this normal?

  25. Helen Worster says:

    hello there we have enjoyed our Actifry for a few years now but yesterday during washing the central piece just snapped in two. would appreciate a replacement. Many thanks

  26. alan robertson says:

    3 years on we have used ours at least three times a week.
    Sadly in the last two weeks a couplem of problems have arisen due to poor design in my opinion.

    1. The plastic lugs on the lid broke stopping it from working. Replacement easily obtainable £30.00

    2. Last night the paddle broke in two. Replacement ordered £12.29.

    This is otherwise a great piece of kit that has been a real asset to us in almost fat free cooking

  27. Julie says:

    I’ve had my actifry about 16 months just the other day my son went to use it for the grandkids tea and it came up with the letters Err now I’m gutted its not working because I loved it can’t afford to take it to get it fixed but that’s the only problem ive had with it 🙁

  28. Darren says:

    Had my actifry for sometime now but not used often, today for a unknown reason the heater blower has stopped working, the paddle is still turning but no heat HELP

  29. Pauline says:

    Does a great job on oven browned potatoes. Just make sure you rinse the potatoes and dry them well before putting the oil on them. I usually cook them for 20 minutes then add chunked up sweet potatos and cook an additional 20 minutes. Both come out browned on the outside and lovely and cooked inside. Add salt, pepper and whatever spice you want while cooking. Rosemary is very nice as is onion and garlic powder. Shaking the potatoes and oil in a plastic bag ( used bread bag works well ) works much better than trying to oil them in a bowl.

  30. Teresa says:

    Hi there, I love my actifry I use it every day for a range of foods, I am on the slimming world diet and my question is is it ik to use ‘fry light’ in the actifry, will it inactivate the warranty ?

  31. Charlotte says:


    Just bought one of these. Has anyone tried cooking garlic bread in it and if so does it work?

  32. Will says:

    Hi mike my new actifry is doing the same thing. It’s not air tight and if I push the top it all closes in together a lot tighter but then when I leave it go it just moves straight back out to a loose position.

    Anyone know if this is normal ? Or should I take it back

    Many thanks

  33. Mike says:

    Just bought the Actifry. Is the lid supposed to click tight? The lid is closed, but it’s not sealed. If i push down on it, there is play. Is lid supposed to fit airtight? I can’t find this problem (or maybe non problem) anywhere.

  34. Mary says:

    Why are my chips always soggy when cooked in the Actifry? I always use Maris Piper potatoes, and rinse and dry them before cooking?

  35. Helen says:

    The paddle off my actifryer doesnt seem to keep cleen . It looks alright when you are washing it or it is in water but when it drys out you can still see marks which seems to be enbedded in the paddle

  36. Terry says:

    Have had my Actifry for 2 years with no problems except replacing the paddle that snapped when I dropped it. £13 for new one on Amazon.
    Mainly used for fries and wedges but can do much more. Have made curry, spag bol and several different casseroles in it.
    If cooking sausages or breaded items take the paddle out and just turn half way through. This method does frozen garlic bread in less than 5 minutes.

  37. Julie says:

    You need to buy Maris piper potatoes or the red ones. The cheaper potatoes contain too much water and are ok for mash but not roast or chips. It cooks chicken thighs in it really well but don’t put fish in.

  38. Sherry Thomson says:

    When I use the actively to cook chips or sausages etc., it seems to mangle whatever it is I’m cooking. Help?

  39. Sheila Hudson says:

    We have an actifry but I dropped the paddle and it broke , please can you help with a replacement?

  40. Joan says:

    doing chicken breast, potatoe, carrot and parsnip. can I cook all this together? do I need oil? do I remove the paddle?

  41. chantelle says:

    CHEEPEST PRICE ON THE INTERNET!! BEATS ARGOS, VERY, EBAY AND MANY MORE 🙂 i have spent all morning searching for the family tefal at the best price and i couldnt believe i got the 1.5kg cheaper than what argos is selling the 1.0kg and also got a free pan. Cant wait to try the madagascar beef and salt and pepper wedges 🙂

  42. alex says:

    bought my actifry from home&cookwas very cheap plus a free frying pan.great service and speedy delivery.thankyou home&cook.

  43. Jerry says:

    Hi, I would like to buy an actifry but I have read thousands of reviews who have said that their actifry caught fire in the kitchen. I came here to find out if there is something in common that these customers are doing wrong. I want to find out if those problems have been resolved. Have those problems been resolved and what was the problem? (If all actifriers have been fixed then I will not have to worry if my house will burn down.) Could you also tell me how I can recognize the friers that have the fire problem? Cheers, Jerry. PS. If you satisfactorily reply to my questions then I will buy an actifry.

  44. Scott says:


    We received an Actifry as a present, but after only 8 months it has stopped heating up.

    As it was a present we do not have proof of purchase – is this something that can be fixed without having to buy another unit?

  45. Sian says:

    I am thinking of buying the actifry but want to see what other foods/meals I can cook in it before buying, also I am on slimming world so the recipes would need to be adapted for this.

  46. pat says:

    just purchased actifry. very pleased with chips. cooked bacon but found that the paddle seemed to pile it up in one corner. Also cooked frozen scampi and found that the paddle knocked the breadcrumbs off. Can you cook this type of scampi without paddld, or do you need to buy the 2 in 1 machine.

  47. Laura says:

    have had my actifry for a year and a half – absolutely love it, but recently the plastic clip on the top of the filter has snapped. Do you know if tefal will replace? have emailed them,just waiting for a reply.

  48. clive shephard says:

    can u or anybody tell me how much it costs to run compared with a halogen oven, any info would be of great help, thank you

  49. Rachael says:

    Hello there is steam coming from the actifry and this has not happened before. any ideas? is it normal? I was cooking beef and vegetable stirfry. thanks

  50. mal says:

    hello, actifry can make cake? and can in middle circle move remove for make cake case in actifry so it will not go round and cake case stay in.?

  51. alex-vlad says:

    How can I put the battery in? Please, help me!!!

  52. Is it safe to use for one serving? says:

    I bought an ActiFry today and got it home, opened it up and read “Do not alter the quantities of ingredients and liquid mentioned in the recipes to safeguard your ActiFry”. Does that mean I have to cook 1kg of fries each time and make a full 4 servings of each dish?

    That’s not much good to me as I usually cook for one.

    I’m scared to use it now in case I damage it.

    Any advice from regular users would be most appreciated.

  53. cliff fudge says:

    Hi Peter
    Call Britcom 0121-200-2740 they seem to be one of the franchised repair centres for tefal products-very helpful people-based in birmingham.
    Cliff x

  54. Peter says:

    my 2-year-old Actify has packed up, seems like the fan motor. Can anyone advise on where to obtain spares & how to fit?

  55. Gabrielle says:


  56. Amy says:

    Hi there,

    Loving my actifry BUT bought some lovely fresh sausages from the butcher, put them in and within a minute the paddle of the actifry had mis shaped the sausages and split all the skin 🙁 help! How do I stop this? I pricked the sausages as per the recipe book

  57. Gabrielle says:

    Think your problem is using the wrong potatoes. Not all potatoes make good chips Desire is my favorite and takes no longer than 20 mins to cook. Why not use good quality oven chips such as Aunt Bessie or Magain 5% fat they turn out fantastic, no fat added and cook in 15 mins.

  58. emma says:

    Hello i need a bit of advice i got an actifry for xmas and have tried making chips twice.Both times the chips have broken up and i have had a lot of ‘scraps’in the bottom.I have done them normal sized and a bit fatter but they are still not good,what am i doing wrong ?
    many thanks Emma

  59. kerry says:

    I would love to buy this product but am worried about all the bad reviews it has had what with the lid or the paddle breaking…oh and also the fact it goes up in smoke!!!! I have also read that tefal are not very good at replacing items-is this true?

  60. maureen says:

    by the way, yorshires-don’t add any fat

  61. Michael says:

    You can get a new lid for only £24.95 from Tefal. No need to pay £48 as advertised else were.

  62. maureen says:

    my lid has also broken but up to now still managing to use it. don’t know what i would do without it after having it a year. did price up new lid but at £48 think it would be better to buy a new actifry. have seen them at £129. also does individual ready made yorkshire puds in 2 mins. that must be cheaper than putting your oven on

  63. Mary says:

    i saw replacement parts on ebay.

  64. david says:

    yes very well just keep an eye on the time

  65. david says:

    ove rhte past two years we have had two of them the first the heating eliment went and now the turner has just snaped is ther any spear parts to them

  66. chris carroll says:

    hello what about oven chips do they work

  67. steve rees says:

    just phoned tefal and reported that my paddle has broke and it was replased 4 free very good servis thqnks

  68. joan j says:

    can you do roast potatoes

  69. joanna says:

    hi what type of oil is best to be used

  70. Marie says:

    I would love to consider one of these but I can’t ignore the complaints that I read on other forums concerning machines that go bad just outside the warranty period. Wish I had more confidence.

  71. jennie says:

    I have just used mine for the 1st time. I did chips and loved them. I will be trying other recipes in the nxt few weeks will let you know the verdict. Upto now I’m loving it.

  72. Roy Wall says:

    No, I cook frozen oven chips in 20 mins total.

    My Actifry stopped working. Sound like the fan motor has gone. Can spares be got? any experience of this fault?

  73. Vpittson says:

    I did about a kilo of fresh potatoes in twenty mins. I think 40 mins is too long. They were crunchy on outside but soft in the middle. Can feed four adults easily with say meat and veg.

  74. jennie says:

    I’ve just used mine for the 1st time and i did just under 1kg but finely chopped chips and it did 3 of us. You would probably have to do two batches.

  75. Sandie says:

    I was thinking of getting an Actifry but I have 2 questions – is that correct 40mins to cook chips?
    Also we are a family of 6, will the 1kg be large enough do you think?

  76. Anna says:

    Can you use fry light instead of cooking oil?

  77. jackie Avery says:

    does anyone know if the actifry is economic in terms of electricity used, I feel 40 mins to cook a few chips might be excessive if it eats electricity

  78. mair says:

    hi, recieved my actifry this morning, used it for the first time a little while ago, it did all that it said it was going to do except the alarm did not sound when the timer stopped! is it the battery or will i return it in exchange for another one that works? help!! i dont want to go poking around for the battery if this does not resolve the problem! thank you,

  79. Tammy says:

    If you use new potato’s the chips turn out perfect, If i ever use old potato’s I have the same problem as you, they mush up and lots of tiny burnt bits mix in with the mushy chips.
    You can get large charlotte or maris peer potato’s that are great for chips in the actifry

  80. Jennifer Wright says:

    Had my Actifry for a few months now and I can do a mean stir fry in it. My problem is chips, wedges or roasties. They all break up and become soggy messes with lots of crispy bits in the pan. Not sure if I am doing something wrong (I do make sure they are very dry) maybe this happens to every one who uses fresh potatoes as opposed to frozen. Other than than I am very please especially how easy it is to clean.

  81. David Hampton says:

    I tried the Madagascan Beef, following it to the letter. It was an absolute disaster. The beef was chronically overcooked and the potatoes undercooked. Also the 0.5L of water completely disappeared. With hindsight it is obvious that to cook sirloin beef for 50 minutes is incorrect and the time for cooking the potatoes needs extending. What happened to the water – who knows!!!!!

    Comments would be appreciated

    David Hampton

  82. tina and gary adams says:

    We got our actifry about 3 weeks ago and have only just used it well the chips we did were brilliant and looking forward to trying out other recipes we would reconmenned it.

  83. omar says:

    can i ask if this is suitable for those who are diabetic?
    been advised it isnt

  84. Anne says:

    you can do oven chips in actifry. better than in oven as most of fat is released. also they are tastier. also have problems with staining but results are worth a little hassle.

  85. Nick says:

    I have been thinking about getting an Actifry but am not sure whether it is a kind of automated frying pan or deep fat fryer replacement – I suppose what I wan’t to know is what can’t you cook in it rather than what you can… Can you cook tempura for example or other battered items that would tend to float in a deep fat fryer?


  86. cliff fudge says:

    yes indeed-18-20 mins use good quality macaine etc

  87. A Rodham says:

    Frozen Chips – either defrosted or straight from the freezer are brilliant when cooked in the Actifry. 10-15 mins. is a good cooking time, leave to cook a little longer if you prefer a slightly more crunchier chip. No need to add any further oil, there is sufficient in the chips. Enjoy them.

  88. workwise says:

    can anyone tell me if you can do oven chips in the actifry

  89. dave and julie says:

    Hi We have had 2 actifry and the 1st one we had broke after about a year,the spline underneath the pan that makes the whole thing turn snapped off.We gave it the benifit of the doubt and bought another.Exactly the same thing has happened to this one.We will be contacting tefal about this as it must be a common fault.I hope we get some kind of joy from them or we wont buy any more of their products.

  90. Craig says:

    Hi Maurita,

    This site is not sponsored or endorsed by Tefal, so we can comment on their behalf.

    From a personal perspective, I have never used the Airfry, so again it is very difficult to comment on that product.

    I have personally owned a Tefal Actifry for about 18 months. I have never had any problems with it and use it on average about 2 to 3 times per week. For us it is a fantastic product and personally, I can’t imagine not having it as a part of our cooking regime.

    As always, I would advise you to contact Tefal directly with any questions or concerns.

    Best wishes,


  91. maurita says:

    I am weighing up the qualities of both the Actifry and the Airfry.. I dont see any broken parts reported on the Airfry… can you comment Craig please.

  92. Hi Arfona,

    I would contact Home & Cook who are part of the Groupe Seb (Tefal) group of companies. They would be able to advise you if they have the spare you need. Here is there contact page http://www.homeandcook.co.uk/contact_us_form?contype=general&confrom=post.

    Best wishes, Craig

  93. Arfona says:

    The arm on my actifry has broken,can i buy a replacement online.??

  94. wendy jones says:

    purchased actifry from tesco. no instruction book or recipe book included so disappointed i can’t use it today

  95. netta ireland says:

    I have had an actifry for several years. I am a gadget junky but my actifry has been up there with my very best purchases! So much so that I have purchased four as gifts

  96. lorna morrow says:

    Actifry arrived this morning, after a quick read through the instructions I chipped some sweet potato’s & added spice. Result :- Delicious
    Easy to use and no smell. It came with a great recipe book so will be in constant use in this home.
    I love the Actifry and would be happy to recommend it.

  97. jane says:

    Hi Sue

    Have you attempted a tempura dish yet?


  98. Sue Taylor says:

    Thought you might be interested in another one of my recipes…

    Hot Feta and Squash salad

    1 Red onion cut into segments
    Butternut squash cut into 2cm cubes
    1T of pine nuts
    1 Green Pepper sliced
    1/2 t cinnamon
    Sea Salt to taste
    Feta Cheese cut into 2cm cubes
    1T of Sweet Chilli Sauce

    Sprinkle salt and cinnamon (gently on the cinnamon) over peeled and cubed squash.
    Place in Actifry with 5ml of oil cook for 10 mins,
    Add onion and peppers cook for another 5 mins
    Finally add pine nuts and cook for a further 5mins

    Remove from Actifry and mix carefully with feta cheese and sweet chilli sauce.

    Tastes great! Sue

  99. Arfona says:

    Hi,My actifry broke down after a year and Argos just replaced it…no questions asked.

  100. Dear Valerie, I would suggest you contact Tefal directly for advice on this matter. They will be able to tell you about the repair options from the Channel Islands. You can contact Tefal here, http://www.tefal.co.uk/Consumer+service/Contact+Us/Contact+Us.htm. I hope you get a resolution to your problem, best wishes, Craig

  101. Valerie Hunt says:

    Approx 2years ago I purchased an Actify through a TV sales channel. The last time used it started to crackle and pop with a smell of burning, hence dinner aborted. As I live in the Channel Islands I think it could be difficult to get it repaired and expensive to return the Actify to England. 2 years doesn’t seem to be a very long lifespan as it is not used on an average of 2-3 times a week.
    Iwould be pleased to have your comments on this matter
    Thankng you in anticipation
    Yours faithfully
    Valerie Hunt

  102. janice redden says:

    try bicarbonate of soda dilutedor vinegar they are both equally good at cutting through grease, fat etc.

  103. felicity says:

    forgot to say cheap wilko or supermarket toothpaste works a treat too

  104. felicity says:

    try rubbing with slightly damp cotton wool ball dipped in bicarb of soda gently rub wipe then rub again until clean

  105. john says:

    try using distilled white vinegar or lemon or lime, use with a sponge

  106. vicki stokes says:

    Scott, are you wiping it down after use ???? I don’t seem to have a problem – just make sure you give it a clean each time.

  107. Hi Scott, We are going to open this one up to our visitors and see if anyone can provide a tip to help you. Any ideas anyone? Craig

  108. Scott says:


    we love our actifry. but the thin layer of grease is burning onto the perspex cover and is proving a nightmare to clean. fairy liquid wont do it and i am worried about wire wool and abrasive cleaners damaging it. any advice?

  109. Sue Taylor says:


    Thought I would share a quick recipe with you all.

    Here goes…

    Sausage Casserole

    6 pork sausages
    Chopped red onion
    Breakfast Apricots 340g tin drained and chopped (reserve the juice)
    1T curry powder
    Spring onions chopped
    Small cup of grapes
    150 ml white wine (vermouth is a good alternative)
    250ml Vege stock
    50m ml reserved juice
    Clove of chopped garlic
    1 cup of lightly whipped cream for thickening

    Cooking time 20 – 25 mins

    1. Chop Pork Sausages into bit sized pieces and season with a dusting of flour,
    2. Chop onion and garlic, put into everything into the Actifry with small ½ t of oil to cook the onion and garlic. (alternatively you can cook through the onion and garlic on the hob until soft, then place with the sausages and omit the oil)
    3. Give Sausages 5 mins and check they are taking on some colour, then add the apricots and 100ml of the stock and 100ml of wine. Cook for a further 5 mins. The mix should start to thicken up.
    4. Cook the mixture for a further 10 mins adding the remaining stock/ wine/ juice in equal quantities to the mix.
    5. If the mix dries some extra water to the mix.
    6. Finally just before service add a cup of whipped cream to thicken the mixture.

    Serve with rice immediately.

    Just one of the things we make in our Actifry. Anyone have any more to share?


  110. Mary Atwell says:

    I bought my actifry from Comet nine months ago. The agitator on the inside is damaged. How do I find a replacement please?
    Many thanks.

  111. Cheryll says:

    I have just brought my 3rd Acifry, you may wonder why? there is nothing out there to touch this brilliant machine, on average the last 2 have lasted 14 months just out of the guarantee period maybe I am just unlucky.
    so please tefal try to make a machine that last a little longer or give a 2 year guarantee.

  112. Phillipe Roche says:

    Can you make fried chicken using the actifry? And why can parts only be bought on E BAY?

  113. Donald Ross says:

    Just purchased Actifry from Comet but my computer system (ancient) is unable to download or let me see recipes etc and there is no booklet with the machine. Can you send me a booklet with receipes in booklet form please.

  114. Andrew says:

    I have had my actifry for yonks! I love it. I have trouble with my hands and using it is bliss. However, despite dry wiping it out after every use and soaking it every other week (despite only having frozen chips in it) the burnt on grease just wont come away from the paddle. The actual pan I send to my Mum who, with rubbing, took the surface off it so I was forced to buy new. 6 weeks into my new fryer this has now built up with the same grease burn you see tradditionally on old deep fat fryers.

    So… I have 2 actifrys. One which my Mum has scrubbed to death! The 2nd, still in warranty and starting withe the same grime which is proving unremovable.


    Even if there is a wonder idea for removing this grime – how do you get into the grives and the curve in the paddel????

    Finally, the grime (think its burnt on grease – its tacky) will it kill me if I just keep it down as best I can but still use it?


  115. CHRIS JONES says:

    I have had my actifry for a few years now and love it but I do have a problem with the locking system. It has often open during cooking in the past but now I have to put a can of beans on the lid to keep it closed whilst cooking, which is very disappointing given there is nothing else wrong with and I have recommended the fryer to numerous friends and acquaintances can this be repaired at a reasonable cost

  116. John Hunter says:


    We have had our Actifry about 2 years,and
    the paddle broke. The spare ones cost £17-40, but it has not arrived yet, and was orderd on 4 Nov.

  117. David o'neill says:

    My lid cracked at the back release catch after about 6/7 months. Tefal had no problem replacing this although you should hang on to your receipt. I also recommended the actifry to a friend and his lid broke in the same place a month after mine was replaced. Tefal are also replacing his lid at the moment.

  118. Sandra says:

    I am thinking of buying an Actifry but there seem to be faults with them, infact from reading on here there are significant problems either with the paddle or lid. Have people managed to get these replace under guarantee? Or are they expensive to replace?
    Any advise would be welcomed.

  119. Lyndsey says:

    Absolutely fantastic. Just tried my Actifry for the first time. Superb, so quick and easy. Very clean, no mess like when I use the oven to do chips with frylight. Whole family thoroughly enjoyed the chip …. would highly recommend

  120. maggie says:

    I bought my actifry and loved every minute of using it ,just as the guarantee ran out the lid broke ,I am very careful and bought it because I have already had a heart attack and didnt want another,miss it lots but cant afford another

  121. vivian tulumen says:

    where can i get a replacement lid for my black actifry please

  122. vicki stokes says:

    i obviously meant in my Actifry !!

  123. vicki stokes says:

    just cooked swiss field mushrooms in my actuary – absolutely delicious – cooked them in a tiny bit of natural pork fat left over from cooking bacon – which i might add was sensational – no mess no smoke – steam – splatter etc – have cooked cubed steak ready for casserole too – no mess browning !!! Not sure about cooking with liquids as Sue suggests because of moisture getting into elements – Perhaps Actifry can advise on this one

  124. John Hunter says:


    Type into your browser;
    The page opens up with all the machines they deal with. Pick Tefal, and you get the spares supplied for Actifry. I have ordered a paddle for our machine which costs £17.40.

  125. Maria Taylor says:

    Great idea but you will spend more on replacements than the actual item our lid broke within the month and now we need a new paddle so Tefal need to get there act together

  126. Dianne says:

    I have had my actifry now for a number of months and think it is one of the best appliances I have had, it is used on a regular basis. Unfortunately the paddle has recently broken and I would like to get it replaced, where and how can this be done?

  127. jo jeffries says:

    hi yes you can buy almost every part for this fab machine just look on e bay.

  128. Hi Joan, I would either contact the supplier you purchased the machine from or alternatively contact Tefal directly to see if anything can be done guarantee wise.

  129. Joan Peddie says:

    I had an Actifry as a present for Christmas 2011. Just five months later, the spindle is not working which drives the motor to drive the paddle around. Very disappointing as I cannot use the machine. I had thrown away the box with the guarantee along with all the other Christmas wrappings, so not sure how I am going to get it fixed.

  130. susan says:

    hellyou can get replacement paddles from e-bay hope this helps

  131. Pam Hynes says:

    We have had an actifry for about 3 years. The paddle has broken. Are replacement parts available?

  132. andy says:

    can you use frylight with the Actifry

  133. Holtrcy says:

    as you attend SW did you realise that you can use Frylight to make the chips syn free?

  134. lorna morrow says:

    My Actifry arrived this morning and I just could not wait to see if it lived up to my expectations. After a quick read through the instructions I chipped some sweet potato’s & added some spice’s. I read you can add more oil if that is your choice. Result:- I love it, chips were delicious. Also a recipe book was included with lots of idea’s for tasty meals, as I attend Slimming World this will make cooking much more fun.

  135. Do you have a favourite recipe you’d like to share with us. We would love to hear from you!