Tefal Actifry Questions & Answers

Prices updated – Sunday 17th November 2019

Here are some questions about the Tefal Actifry inspired by this article on the Tefal website.

Can you cook anything else on the Actifry, apart from chips?
Yes you can. As an example, here is a video of cooking chicken tikka masala with the Actifry. Also, many of the Actifrys come with recipes that includes example of what you can cook. Check with you supplier to see what offers they have and what comes in the box.

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How easy is the Actifry to use?
It is pretty simple apparently. If you go through the simple steps in the instruction manual you should be able to start cooking right away.

How quick is the Actifry?
Approximately 35 minutes is all it takes to cook 1kg of chips.

Is it a nightmare to wash up?
All the removable parts of the Actifry can be put in the dishwasher.

Is the Actifry expensive to run?
I guess that depends on the electric tariff you are on, but the Actifry has an electric power of 1400W.

Do Actifry chips contain more fat than oven chips?
Many oven chips contain 5% of more fat. Actifry chips are said to have only 3% fat.

Can you mix different oils in the Actifry?
No. Different oils reach different temperatures at different times.

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Does the window of the Actifry steam up?
Apparently yes, but you can wipe the window with a little lemon juice or cut a potato in half and wipe this over the window before cooking.

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