Does the Actifry Deserve Shelf Space?

Prices updated - Sunday 22nd September 2019

After two months on our Actifry journey the gloss is off – but it has it earned is space in the kitchen?

It’s been over two months now since we purchased our Tefal Actifry, of course initially there is always a move to use the new toy all the time, which I confess to doing in the first few weeks of having it, but now we’ve settled down to including it within our kitchen as a useful tool.

The Actifry offers some wonderful advantages to any kitchen, for us I find it incredibly convenient and quick, it offers me a fast access to home cooked meals for a busy family, which are not only tasty, but healthy too.

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The Actifry isn’t a small item, it has a reasonably sized footprint and finding cupboards space for it did initially prove to be a problem. After careful re-arranging of my already overstocked kitchen, I slotted the Actifry into my laundry cupboard where it fitted well and I didn’t fall over it each time I opened a cupboard door.

My only problem with this was I was then less inclined to use it, the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ equation became a reality.  Despite liking clear surfaces, I’ve relented and made space for it on the worksurface and now use it regularly with ease as it’s accessible and therefore has  becomes an integrated part of my daily kitchen use.

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Would I be without it now? Absolutely not! The Actifry is so much more than the glorified chip pan I initial took it to be! The very fact I’ve only cooked chips in it a few times since we’ve bought it proves that! However the Actifry does chips so well and with such little oil, it’s a crime not to enjoy some delicious home sliced fresh potatoes  which cooked it a mere 20 minutes.

I certainly believe it’s a valuable inclusion to any kitchen, it makes cooking fast, offers healthy home cooked options and is very easy to keep clean and very simple to use.