Dear Actifry Diary – Day 1 – D Day!

Prices updated - Monday 15th October 2018

Day 1 – D Day

It arrived this morning whilst I was working, a benefit of working from home! I unboxed it straight away; it’s actually a really good looking machine. We decided to order a black one, as our kitchen has other black appliances. My friend had the white one which looks really nice as well. But my husband thinks the black one suits our kitchen, it must be a man thing!

It arrived with minimal packaging, just set in between two pieces of polystyrene which was easily disposed of, then a cardboard box for the recycling, easily flattened!  So many items ship these days with ridiculous amounts of packaging. Refreshingly simple! Well done Tefal, like your style!

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Monday is a really busy day in our house; I coach netball at my daughter’s school and don’t return home with the children until 5pm. Then my daughter and husband bolt down some food before leaving the house for their Karate lesson at 6.15. I also rush out the door soon after to my own Netball match, which all means dinner has to fit into an early window between 5pm and 6pm. Normally I cheat and heat something easy. Usually something with a carefully marketed label aimed perfectly at people like me, on our busy time restricted pursuit around the supermarket shelves. For me the concept is always better than the reality, and  usually leaves me feeling I’ve filled myself and the children with too much salt, fat and guilt! Yes Jamie, we know we should cook, but we sometimes just run out of time!!

However this week, I hadn’t even made the supermarket for my easy cook meal. I did have some lovely Cotswold Sausages in the fridge though! A quick read of my new Tefal ActiFry guide told me these should cook in 10- 12 minutes!  Oh really! I doubt my spuds will be cooked in that time!

So here’s how it went…

5.15 –  ActiFry washed for first use.

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5.20 –  ActiFry loaded with 8 Cotswold sausages and a smidgen of olive oil ( they say sausages don’t need any, but as these had less fat, decided a little bit of oil might be better).

5.30 –  I think they could do with longer and as predicted my spuds aren’t cooked yet!

5.50 –  Plating up dinner – Looks really lovely, evenly coloured sausages. They had 16 minutes in all. The food was juicy, cooked perfectly and stayed warm in the machine whilst I plated up the vegetables.

6.15  – Loading dishwasher – dinner done in under an hour and the family has eaten broccoli, peas, carrots, some mashed potato and some perfectly cooked sausages. It was quick, children have had their veg and the ActiFry all loads into the dishwasher . Perfect!

So far so good!