Actifry Day 2 – FAST Diet Day!

Prices updated - Sunday 22nd September 2019

Well today is my FAST day, which means I need to eat no more than 500 calories all day.  I tend to eat some porridge in the morning with a little fruit to sweeten it, this should be 120 calories and then dinner is usually the remainder up to 380 calories.

My grocery delivery arrived this morning, so I actually have some food in the fridge again. I have purposely not bought anything heat and eat, so the ActiFry can do its stuff.

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I spent last night reading the ActiFry cook book, which ships with the machine. The cook book is simple and offers some quick ideas for low calorie cooking which appealed to me. However because I’ve done this slightly out of order, I ordered my groceries before I’d read the book so didn’t of course  have any of the  right ingredients for the ActiFry cook book, but it did give me an insight into what I could do with it and ideas of how long to cook things for.

Tonight for dinner I cooked some roast potatoes for the children to have with their Gamon which I had baked in the oven, and then I turned the ActiFry back on to quickly whip up some prawns and veg for me to eat with them. The potatoes once cooked were kept warm in the oven, they took about 18 minutes to cook and were absolutely delicious, (I was tempted to try a very small one!)

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As my prawns were cooked and only needed heating through, I sliced some mushrooms and a red pepper, blasted these in the ActiFry for about 6 minutes in half a tea spoon of olive oil, until the mushrooms were looking cooked and the red pepper taking on some colour. I then added the prawns to warm through for a few minutes, finally I spooned in 2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt and a good squirt of sweet chilli sauce.  I stirred the yoghurt mixture into the food with a spatula before putting the ActiFry back on again for another couple of minutes.

The mistake I think I made was leaving the machine on a little too long at this stage as my yoghurt mixture didn’t like the heat so much. I think next time I try this I would only give it a quick blast of heat for perhaps 30 seconds to 1 minute, making the yoghurt sauce warm, but not letting it get runny which mine did.

Regardless, the food was very nice, prawns warm and peppers and mushroom well cooked and not overcooked either. Plus my dinner was all within my 380 calorie limit for the day.

I think if you’re using the ActiFry correctly, you will need to keep checking your food and making sure things don’t overcook too quickly.  It does make cooking very fast though!

Food for thought Tefal…

The only negative thing I can say about the ActiFry at the moment is about the timer, which I think  is rather in effectual! Perhaps Tefal should think about providing a more advanced timer system, a quick cook button which gives you a 30, or 60 second cooking mode which then stops the machine when the times up! Just a thought!